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What is the difference between the TSW Evolution and a TSW or a TSW2?

The TSW Evolution is the 3rd major revision of our steering and pedal controller design. The original TSW that we first introduced in 1993 was an all-steel tubular-frame controller, which was labor intensive to weld and assemble. We came out with the TSW2 as a lower priced alternative around 1998 which utilized a particle board base for both pedals and wheel, but used steel parts where necessary. The TSW2 was quicker and less costly to make, but still required a lot of assembly time to go from raw materials to finished product. In 2006 we introduced the TSW Evolution, a hybrid of our controllers, utilizing a laser cut steel base reinforced with welded steel tubing. This new approach to the controller construction is used in both the pedals and the wheel and it allows us to significantly cut down the labor both in making the controller base, and in assembly, so that we can provide an all-steel controller for significantly less cost than the original TSW, and we can make it faster which means less wait time for the customer.

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