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Do your controllers have force feedback?

No. We use a spring return mechanism in the wheel and pedals which provides a smoother, more consistant and predictable feel than force feedback does. In our opinion force feedback is not the best choice for serious competative racing; the tradeoff of cost, reliabilty, and driveability has deterred us from developing a force feedback controller. The questionable benefits that force feedback provides, such as the slackening feel when a car gets loose, or the tighter feel you get when the car is pushing, are outweighed by the downsides. Who wants their steering wheel to go slack or turn abruptly just at the point when they need to make a quick correction? Who wants the wheel to jerk and jolt in their hand for no reason? Who wants to feel the notchiness of an electric motor resisting your steering input? It's our opinion that force feedback is much more likely to hinder you than help. As to arguments that it's more realistic, that only goes so far, some aspects of it may add to the realism, but most are artificially trying to replicate G-forces through the steering wheel, and that isn't realistic. If you're willing to tradeoff competativeness and reliability for those minimal aspects, then our controller may not be for you. We find that the audible and visual cues provided by the sim are just as easy to pick up on to get a feel for how your car is behaving. We've had many customers who have owned force feedback wheels tell us that they end up turning off the force effects or turning them down so much that they might as well not be using it.

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