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How should I ship the controller in for upgrade or warranty service?

When shipping a controller to us for upgrade or warranty work, you should always include a note in the box with the following information:

Phone Number (day and evening)
Email Address
Return Shipping address
Description of service being requested

It is important that you package the controller carefully with a focus on separating the wheel and pedal controllers from one another and packing the box tight so that the controllers do not move around inside.  Failure to use adequate packaging material typically results in damaged covers and in the case of TSW2 models, sometimes a broken wood base.  Damage incurred in shipping due to poor packaging that requires replacement parts or labor to repair is not covered by warranty.  Packing peanuts are not a good option because they do not prevent the controllers from moving around.  The best method is to wrap each controller separately in large bubble-wrap, then fill the box with wadded paper.

Payment for non-warranty service can be handled in a number of ways.  For USB upgrade, the best way is to use the website to order the appropriate service by credit card, when placing the order there is a place where you can make notes if you wish to tell us anything in particular about your controller, or ask any questions.  Your credit card will not be processed until the controller is ready to be worked on, and we will contact you if needed for clarification.

If we haven't received payment info in advance of your service work, assuming you included the requested phone number in the note with your controller, we will call you to get your credit card information when we are ready for it.

The address to ship the controller to is:
Thomas Enterprises Inc.
13859 Buffalo Road
Anamosa, IA  52205

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