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New Product: Load Cell Brake

The realism and effectiveness of the brake pedal has undergone a significant improvement with the addition of our latest product/upgrade option: the Load Cell Brake.  Most sim-racing controllers use a potentiometer or encoder for all 3 pedals, which only detects the rotation of the pedal.  Often we've had requests for some sort of heavier brake pedal, with a more realistic feel than what the standard potentiometer can produce.  We've had some low-tech suggestions which we never put into production because they just were not up to our standards.  However we've now developed a high-tech solution using an analog device called a load cell.  This device detects pressure instead of rotation, so while your pedal may only travel a few inches, the controller continues to detect the amount of pressure you put on the pedal after it stops, giving you unmatched accuracy and repeatability, as well as a very realistic feel.

We may not be the first to bring you this technology, but we're the first to offer it at a reasonable price point.  Most TSW pedals (those purchased since April '99) can be upgraded with a DIY kit for just $200 plus shipping and handling.   Likewise you can choose to add this feature to any new model for about the same cost.  Because the Evolution Digital models don't support the analog Load Cell, they will require an additional analog circuit board for $75 (though new digital models will soon support an analog axis which will negate the need for this additional board).

Over the next few days we will be updating our product section to include the new Load Cell Brake options, in the meantime, if you want to order this you can either call, or simply include a note when ordering a controller online.  DIY kits will not be ready to ship out for a few more days yet, as we have to finish up the instruction manuals.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call or send us an email.


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