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Do-It-Yourself Button Kit

Sales price without tax: $20.00
Sales price: $20.00


This is a do-it-yourself kit enabling you to install buttons into the spokes of your steering wheel. It is intended only for the standard 11" and 13" steering wheels, not for the Suede or MOMO wheels. The standard kit includes 2 buttons, which is the maximum you can use if you have a gameport based controller. USB controllers can have up to 4 button functions in the steering wheel. You can order a 4 button kit by selecting it from the pull-down list below. Be aware however that if you already have a paddle shifter, you cannot have more than 2 buttons in the wheel.

This kit requires some mechanical ability and the capability to solder with proficiency. If your steering wheel does not have holes in the spokes already, it will require some drilling. If you would rather we install the buttons you can send your steering wheel to us for that service, or else purchase a new wheel with buttons pre-installed.

The internal wiring is different depending on the controller version you have so it is important that you choose the correct version of your controller and the correct form of USB connectivity from the pull-down lists. Click HERE if you are unsure which version you have. It is also helpful if you select the appropriate steering wheel type.

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