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Pedal Mode Switch

Sales price without tax: $35.00
Sales price: $35.00


There are some racing games, mostly arcade or budget titles, which do not support seperate pedal axes (the default on all of our current controllers). The Colin McRae Rally games are the only known titles that have this problem, but there are some others out there that are lesser known games (some of the drag racing sims have this problem). If you need combined mode capability you can get this switch for use with any of our analog controllers which have either the internal or external USB or Evolution Circuit Board.

If you have an older gameport based controller we have the Single/Dual switch for the TSW or the Single/Dual Adapter for the TSW2 which serve the same purpose (except that for those models, combined mode was the default).

The switch is easy to install, it simply plugs into a socket on the circuit board, and is even compatible with the DIY USB upgrade kit with the external black box. Please specify the correct controller version from the drop-down list. If you are unsure of the version you have click HERE.

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