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DK Potentiometer

Sales price without tax: $12.00
Sales price: $12.00


Analog controllers use an electronic component called a potentiometer (also called a pot) to translate the physical rotation of a controller's steering wheel and pedals into a variable resistance which the computer can interpret and display as a change in steering or pedal deflection in your racing simulation.

These potentiometers do wear out over time because moving parts inside the component are actually rubbing together whenever it is moved. The life of a potentiometer varies, but the more it is used the quicker it will wear out. When a potentiometer goes bad, it shows up in your simulation as erratic spikes and twitching which can be detrimental to the perfomance of your car.

We offer two grades of potentiometers. The standard pots are called DK Potentiometers, which have an average life of 6 months to a year with heavy use (heavy use would be several hours per day). The high-grade pots are called ETI Potentiometers, these have an average life of 2 to 3 years with heavy use.

In the controller there is one potentiometer in the steering and one in each pedal, all are identical and are interchangeable. The potentiometers are easy to replace, with no soldering required, and simple to follow instructions are included (and can also be found in your controller's user guide).

Potentiometers have a 90 day warranty.


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