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Hall Effect Sensor

Sales price without tax: $26.00
Sales price: $26.00


We are replacing ETI potentiometers with Hall effect sensors. The advantage of Hall effect sensors is that they are non contact unlike potentiometers. Even the best potentiometers will eventually wear out due to the wiper rubbing against the resistor. These Hall effect sensors are non contact and have a factory rating of 10,000,000 million cycle life expectancy with an 8 oz. side load. In our application there should be little or no side load so in theory they should never have to be replaced. They replace potentiometers directly with no changes as long as the unit uses 3 wire potentiometers with no changes needed. They will not work in any unit using a Rockfire USB adaptor or an old gameport model as these use 2 wire potentiometers. They will also not work in combined mode this is where both pedals are on the same axis. In the Windows calibration you will notice the x on the screen will move in the opposite direction from the way the steering wheel is turned this is normal with the Hall effects and we haven't found it to be a problem in any sims that we have tried.


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