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TSW Speedshifter

Sales price without tax: $410.00
Sales price: $410.00



This is our 6-speed gated speedshifter, and it's the most solidly built and positive-feeling shifter on the sim-racing market. You may question whether the off-set shift pattern is the way to go, but we're huge believers in this design being the best for competitive racing. A standard H-pattern may be more in keeping with the real cars you've driven, but this off-set design makes transitions through the gears effortless and lightning fast, and once you become accustomed to it, you will likely never miss the gear you are aiming for.



 This shifter is all-steel, no plastic parts to wear out or break. It's got a leather-like vinyl boot, and several shift knob options. It also features a reverse detent spring, which makes it hard to shift into reverse by accident, and on the right there is a quick lock-out bolt, which gives you the option to set the shifter to either 4, 5, or 6 gears without the need to change out a shift plate. It comes with a heavy duty desk clamp, or can be bolted into your sim-chassis with the 4 studs at the top. Connectivity is by USB to any PC, it does not require that you use our steering wheel or pedals because it plugs in on its own.




In addition to this standard model we do also offer custom H-Pattern shifter options as well, but these are best for simulator applications where people off the street are expected to pick it up and drive immediately without the time to get accustomed to something a bit different. For the competitive driver, this shifter is the best. You can even assign the reverse position as 1st gear, which allows you to have a 7-speed shifter for F1 cars, and the speed and reliability of this shifter makes this a viable alternative to paddle shifters, with the added advantage of being able to judge what gear you are in simply by feel rather than by count.

Standard Features:

  • 6-Speed plus Reverse
  • Off-set shift pattern
  • Reverse detent spring
  • Quick lock-out bolt for changing number of gears
  • Leather-like Vinyl boot
  • Round shift knob
  • Heavy-duty desk clamp

Available Options:

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