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Sport Paddle Shifter

Sales price without tax: $100.00
Sales price: $100.00


Paddle shifters are a great feature especially if you race road courses. The paddle levers are mounted behind the wheel, one is used for upshifting the other to downshift. Paddles make it possible to shift without repositioning your hand, and don't compromise your grip on the wheel. They also have a much more tactile feel than buttons.

NOTE: These paddles are for sim-racing application only, we do not endorse the use of this shifter for any real-world application. These are for use with our standard 11 inch Sport Steering Wheel, use the Formula Paddle Shifter if your controller has a suede wheel like the GT or Formula. Paddle shifters are not recommended for use with the 13 inch diameter wheel.

When ordering you need to select the appropriate controller version and USB type to be sure the internal wiring is compatible. If you are unsure which version you have, click HERE.

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