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TSW Sequential Shifter

Sales price without tax: $210.00
Sales price: $210.00
2 to 4 weeks, call or email for


This is a bullet-proof shifter that won't wear out and can stand up to abuse.  It's a realistic size and has a much more tactile and positive feel than our built-in sequential shifter (the one on the right side of most of our controllers).  It comes with a desk mounting clamp, and can be configured either with a stereo cable for wiring into your existing controller, or as a separate USB device with it's own circuit board.

If you choose the stereo cable option, unless you already have a TSW 720 Steering controller this will require some DIY ability and willingness to modify your controller, possibly some soldering.  We do not provide instructions or assistance with other manufacturer's products.  If you are unsure which version to get, go with the USB version, this works on its own and so doesn't matter what wheel / pedals you use.

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