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Analog USB Upgrade Service

Sales price without tax: $202.00
Sales price: $202.00


Gameport technology is obsolete now. You will have difficulty finding a computer with a gameport, and even so, often times there are calibration issues with modern Windows versions. We offer this upgrade service as a solution to convert any gameport controller to the latest analog USB electronics.

We offer a DIY upgrade option as well, but many people prefer to have the circuit board installed internally to avoid the extra box, or would rather it be installed professionally. The added advantage of sending the controller in for upgrading is that we also go over the controller and will tune it up and even do some updating when necessary with certain aspects of the controller which have been significantly improved. Turn-around time for this service varies, usually in the neighborhood of 1 to 2 weeks plus shipping time, check with us before shipping the controller for the best estimate.

NOTE: If your controller already has the 8-bit USB circuit board, this service is not necessary to upgrade your controller to the latest Evolution Analog PCB. We offer a simple circuit board replacement option for that situation.

This service includes three DK potentiometers. If your controller has a clutch pedal, a 4th potentiometer will be needed. You also have the option to upgrade the 3 DK pots to Hall effect sensors for $14 each. You will also find listed below several extra options/services that we can install while your controller is here. Of special note are the steering wheel re-coat option and the paddle shifter upgrade option. If the rubber coating has worked loose on the wheel, we can replace it with the more durable foam rubber coating that we use now. And if you have the original paddle shifters with metal-to-metal contacts, we can upgrade that to the current version which uses buttons. This can eliminate double-shifting behavior in sims which do not have a built-in shift delay.

Click HERE for instructions on shipping the controller to us for this upgrade service.

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