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Digital USB Upgrade Service

Sales price without tax: $410.00
Sales price: $410.00



While our Evolution Analog circuit board provides high resolution and stability, if you want the very best accuracy and reliabilty possible with a sim-racing controller, the Evolution Digital circuit board will provide that. Optical Encoders provide more resolution than potentiometers and do not have the inherent wear factor that a potentiometer does, and thus will last indefinitely.

For comparison, the 10-Bit Evolution Analog controllers provide 800 to 1000 increments in the steering, while the Evolution Digital circuit board typically provides 1400 to 1500 increments in the steering. These increments are the number of steps that the game sees from full left to full-right, the more you have the finer you can move the wheel or pedals and have the game detect it.

The standard upgrade service includes 3 Optical Encoders for Steering, Gas, and Brake. If your controller has a clutch pedal, an additional encoder will be required (selectable from the pull-down list below).

There is no DIY option available for upgrading your controller to Digital, the controller must be sent in for factory installation. This is because the upgrade is more involved than our analog options.

Click HERE for instructions on shipping your controller.

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