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DIY Evolution Analog Circuit Board Upgrade Kit

Sales price without tax: $172.00
Sales price: $172.00


Gameport technology is obsolete now. You will have difficulty finding a computer with a gameport, and even so, often times there are calibration issues with modern Windows versions. We offer this upgrade kit as a solution to convert an older model controller designed to connect via the 15 pin gameport to the latest analog USB electronics.

This is the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) version of the upgrade. While this uses the same circuit board as our latest analog controllers, for this kit the circuit board is housed in an external box that connects to your steering controller with the 15 pin cable. This is the only way we offer the upgrade for DIY installation because it is the only way it can be made easy for the average user to install. The only option for internal installation of the circuit board is to send the controller to us to have it installed professionally. The only limitation of having the board in the external box vs. internal installation is that the 7-button cover option is not compatible with the external box, otherwise it is functionally the same.

NOTE: If your controller has the older 8-bit USB circuit board, this kit is not necessary to upgrade to the latest Evolution Analog PCB. We offer a simple circuit board replacement option for that situation.

This kit includes three Hall effect sensorsIf your controller has a clutch pedal, a 4th Hall effect sensor will be needed.

Installation of this kit is made easy as possible, no soldering is required and full step-by-step instructions with pictures is included with the kit. However this is not simply a converter, some rewiring of your controller is needed, including replacement of the pots, a new pedal wiring harness, and some simple rewiring in the steering controller.

Not every controller is compatible with the DIY upgrade kit. Select the correct controller version from the pull-down list below. If your version is not listed, you will need to send the controller in to be upgraded instead. If you are unsure of which version you have, click HERE.

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