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Evolution Analog Circuit Board

Sales price without tax: $75.00
Sales price: $75.00


This circuit board is our latest electronics development. It is now used in all of our analog controllers. This circuit board is 4 times as accurate as our previous 8-bit circuit board, providing 800 to 1000 increments of movement, and has perfectly stable calibration behavior. If you have a TSW or TSW2 controller with the 8-bit USB circuit board, you can purchase this circuit board as an upgrade and it will swap out with ease.

NOTE: This board by itself is not sufficient to upgrade a gameport-based controller. For that purpose, we offer a complete DIY upgrade kit as well as an upgrade service for sending your gameport controller to us to be upgraded. To use this board, you must have the 8-bit USB circuit board either installed internally or installed in an external box from having been upgraded in the past.

  • 4 times the resolution vs 8-Bit USB
  • Direct replacement for 8-Bit circuit board
  • Easy to install
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