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TSW EZ11 Evolution Analog

Sales price without tax: $467.00
Sales price: $467.00


The TSW EZ11 Evolution Analog is a steering controller with analog paddle levers. This makes it ideal for people who have limited or no use of their legs, or those who just prefer to control brake and throttle with their finger tips. Instead of pedals, the throttle and brake are controlled with variable-throw paddle levers behind the steering wheel.

The EZ models incorporate 2 buttons on the wheel in addition to the inline shifter on the right side. EZ models also have a ball bearing steering shaft, and ETI potentiometers.

Standard Features:

  • 11 inch steering wheel
  • 270 degree steering rotation
  • 2 wheel buttons
  • Ball bearing steering shaft
  • Analog paddle levers
  • Hall effect sensor installed
  • Built-in sequential shifter
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