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TSW Cup Evolution Analog

Sales price without tax: $538.00
Sales price: $538.00


The Cup model is our biggest seller due to the popularity of stock car racing. It comes with a 13" diameter steering wheel, which is best suited to oval racing. This provides finer control than a smaller diameter wheel, and provides a sense of realism for stock car simulation, but it's still not too big for the desktop.

The Cup model also incorporates the Hall effect sensors that should not need to be replaced.  Besides the standard features you can select from a number of custom options in the pull-down lists as well.

Standard Features:

  • 13" steering wheel
  • 270 degree steering wheel rotation
  • Ball bearing steering shaft
  • 2 pedals with rubber pads
  • Hall effect sensors
  • 2 wheel mounted buttons
  • Built-in sequential shifter
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