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TSW 720 Controller

Sales price without tax: $750.00
Sales price: $750.00
~1 week


The TSW 720 is our latest and best steering controller design to date.  We built a controller that provides 2 full turns lock to lock, while maintaining, and actually improving upon the smooth and predictable spring-based centering that our wheels are so well known for.

The best feature of this controller is its customizability.  Not only can you choose from numerous cosmetic options and practical features when ordering, but the design allows you to quickly and easily change the strength of the centering force and the degrees of rotation simply by popping the hood, and swapping out springs, or changing to different stop positions.  In about 30 seconds you can switch from a road course setting with light springs and 720 degrees, to an oval setting with heavier springs and 540 lock, or any other combination.

Furthering the customizability, having the added degrees of steering lock gives you the ability to fine tune the sensitivity of your steering in iRacing to a greater degree, without the loss of linearity that you encounter with a standard 270 degree wheel.

Feedback from the customers who have been using this controller has been extremely positive.  Besides the added realism and customization allowed by the extra turning rotation, the biggest competitive advantage seems to be the reduced progression of spring tension through the "sweet spot" of the normal ~270 degree steering range where you do most of your steering.  The main thing you need to go faster is the ability to drive a looser setup, and that's what we've been hearing from the guys who've been competing with this wheel.  We attribute that to the use of longer springs which stay more consistent in strength over the ~270 degree range.



-Adjustable Steering Lock-to-Lock: 300, 380, 540, 630 & 720 degrees.
-Aluminum cover, easily removed with 2 knurled nuts for easy access to springs and stop adjustment.
-USB Digital controller, uses optical encoder instead of potentiometer, ~4000 points of raw data in calibration.
-Quick change springs, includes 3 pairs, a set of light, a set of medium and a set of heavy providing 6 possible spring tension combinations (2 lights, 2 mediums, 2 heavy or 3 combinations).
-Many available options and add-ons including sequential shifter, multiple wheel and button combinations, cosmetic options like carbon fiber and diamond plate vinyl for the dash and cover.
-Ball Bearing Steering Shaft (no bushing option)
-Includes a desk clamp L-bracket similar to our other controllers, but also holes can be drilled for bolting it down to your desk or cockpit.
-Heavy-duty sequential shifter available, can be mounted on left or right side.
-Will connect to any digital TSW pedal set (pedal cable can be left off if you use another manufacturer's pedals or analog TSW pedals.
-Compatible with load-cell equipped pedals.
-If you have an existing analog Evolution-Type pedal set, we offer conversion options to change them to digital so they will connect to the 720.
-Works with PC only, compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Dimensions (base only):

Height: 6"
Width: 15"
Depth: 7" (from front edge of desk)
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