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720 frontpagePC sim racers can be divided into two categories: the casual gamer, and the competitive driver. If you fall into the second category, then an off-the-shelf "toy" controller isn't going to cut it for very long. We at Thomas Enterprises recognized that back in the early '90's when the first quality racing simulations started appearing for the PC. We set out to build a wheel and pedal set that felt like it came out of an actual racecar, and would hold up to the rigors of long race sessions under strenuous conditions.

The TSW Evolution is the refinement of all the best features and design improvements we have made in the intervening years. A steel frame in both the steering controller and pedal controller ensures maximum durability and strength. Proven, reliable spring tensioning provides progressive but smooth wheel and pedal centering. Our latest electronics innovations, in the form of the Evolution Analog and Evolution Digital circuit boards, provide extreme accuracy and stability with either potentiometers or optical encoders. We back our controllers with unmatched customer service and support, and provide a warranty that only makes sense because we know our controllers will last.

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We offer many pre-configured controller packages, but you aren't constrained by the configurations we put together. Within each controller package you can select from a number of options to customize the controller to the specific features which best suit your preference and budget. You can also start from scratch and build a completely custom controller using the "Custom Build" option. Be sure to read through the FAQ section, which answers most common questions people have about our products. Also you may want to look at what other people have had to say about our products in the Reviews section, including some very well known race car drivers.

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- The wheel clamps to the desk with a single L-shaped metal clamp, which requires 3-1/2" inches of clearance below the underside of the desk.

- You can purchase a wheel or pedals separately.

- Our controllers work only with the PC via the USB Port.

-Our steering wheels and pedals come with a lifetime warranty on everything but the potentiometers, optical encoders, and cosmetic components (which have a 90 day warranty).

- Our customer service is top notch, you'll be talking to people who build and use these controls on a daily basis.

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